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Mission Statement

We accompany any woman who finds herself in an unexpected pregnancy by providing emotional, material, and spiritual support as well as any practical resources she may need, so that she is empowered to make life-affirming choices for herself and her baby. 

The Angel's Prayer

Dear Jesus,

I come to you this morning in supplication, and ask, humbly to enter your Heart of Divine Love, with (mom’s name) the mother you have bound to my life, and entrusted to my care, in your name. Lord, I am not able to love her like you do; I am not able to provide for her like you can. I have nothing good to offer her but You, who alone are all good, and every blessing to her. And so Good Shepherd, please protect her and deliver her from evil this day.Supply her every need this day, according to your merciful and kind providence, and bountiful generosity. Let her experience your infinite tenderness and gentleness towards mothers and children.Bind her to you with cords of love, and may her path today be fragrant with your loving kindness. And at the end of this day, as at the end of her life, enfold her in your eternal embrace in peace. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers.


Goals of the Gabriel Project

1. To live the charism of the Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth by going out in haste to greet any pregnant woman in need by bringing Jesus to her and by helping her in any way we can.
2. To enable the pastor and parish to represent to the mother and child the espousal role and fatherhood of God.
3. To seek God’s perfect model for motherhood.
4. To witness to the community a respect and reverence for life and an unconditional love.
5. To win all hearts to Jesus Christ and to make Him known and loved by everyone.

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